Ordervina — Indivision Interactive Agency
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About This Project

While there are generic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions available, the reality is that every industry and indeed every business has unique software needs. With Ordervina, we proved that by implementing the latest, scalable open-source platforms, a complete, affordable ERP solution is possible without having to compromise on features or change a businesses existing work-flows to fit new software.


Indivision designed and built a full featured, ground up ERP solution called Ordervina for Select Wines, a wine and beer distributor located in the Washington DC area. This was accomplished for a fraction of the cost of pre-built solutions and the features and work-flows were based on direct input from the staff needing the software. So, there was no “you will need to pay extra for that module”, “you may need someone on staff to maintain this” or “you will need to alter your workflow around this software.” Instead, every dollar spent went toward producing the right software to begin with.